Over the years, same as skin appearance, the teeth appearance changes.

What do you need to do before teeth whitening?

Long-term consumption of coffee, black tea, wine, and colored drinks leaves traces on your teeth. Smoking can also stain the surface and make your teeth darker and dull. In addition to the above, dental plaque affects the color of the teeth.

Before the treatment, it is necessary to make a detailed dental examination of the oral cavity and all teeth and gingiva. It is necessary to clean the calculus with sandblasting before bleaching to better prepare the teeth for whitening.

In agreement with the patient, we approach one of the methods of teeth whitening.
In-office bleaching or home bleaching with individually made splints.

Regardless of the choice of treatment, we use means that do not damage the enamel or tissues around the teeth. Therefore, there is no obstacle for your teeth to be whiter and more beautiful, and thus your smile.

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The first examination includes:

  • specialist first examination
  • diagnosis of the existing condition
  • digital orthopan
  • making an individual treatment plan


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