FIXED PROSTHETICS (crowns, bridges,

Dental crowns are placed on a severely damaged or aesthetically unacceptable tooth and on a natural tooth that has weakened and needs to be protected and strengthened. They are also placed on a dental implant that replaces a natural tooth.

They are made of various materials, but in our clinic, metal-free crowns (zircon or full ceramics), metal-ceramic crowns or titanium- ceramic crowns are most often used. Regardless of the material you choose, all prosthetic replacements are made in the latest CAD-CAM technology.

Dental bridges are made in case of missing two or more teeth. Natural teeth or dental implants can be used to support the bridge.

In addition to filling in the gaps where the teeth are missing, the bridges also protect the abutment teeth in case they have extensive fillings or have been previously endodontically treated.

Our clinic uses the most modern digital communication between the dental laboratory and the clinic itself, which allows us to quickly and accurately build bridges regardless of its size.

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The first examination includes:

  • specialist first examination
  • diagnosis of the existing condition
  • digital orthopan
  • making an individual treatment plan


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