A special branch of dental medicine that deals with the treatment of the root canals of the tooth, which relieves the patient of pain and restores the function and aesthetics of the treated tooth.

What does an endodontic procedure look like?

The procedure itself is completely painless and short-lived because it uses the most modern device for machine endodontics. The modern device allows us to make a very uncomfortable procedure painless, pleasant, short-lived with a better result.

Treatment of teeth with endodontic instruments is necessary in cases when caries also affect the pulp (nerve) of the tooth.

Once the treatment is complete, a composite filling or prosthetic replacement is made, depending on the condition of the tooth.

It is very important to know that the inflamed nerve should be treated immediately to prevent further development of the disease which can lead to more serious problems!

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The first examination includes:

  • specialist first examination
  • diagnosis of the existing condition
  • digital orthopan
  • making an individual treatment plan


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